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Help your friends or followers know about development challenges in India and solutions.

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 Publish Your Experience

If you're an organisation working in rural India, send us your experiences in English or Hindi on for a chance to be published on this website.


The story should be a maximum of 400 words. Before you press send, think about what you are seeing, the role of the local administration as per you and/or how you have solved development challenges.  

Know More 

Frontline administrators and workers are our first line of defence in a crisis. You won't know what's really happening, if you don't know about them. 

Below are some links to help you develop a perspective on India's pandemic response and administration:

Shape New Ideas

Have the experiences we've published set you thinking about India's public administration? Now is the time to pass on the mantle, like we have - to you.

Organise discussion sessions on a theme from the series, with your friends or followers. To get started, we recommend the following: ​

  • Frontline workers have reported violent behaviour from members of the public. Violence against workers is unacceptable. What can be done to curb such incidents?

Don't forget to tell us what you discussed by using #InsideDistricts. 

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