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‘Availability of Computers and Internet is a Far-Fetched Idea’

Updated: Oct 12, 2022

Q: Have schools reopened now?

Block Education Officer (BEO): Yes, schools have been reopened for all standards. Fifty per cent of the students are being called each day; all classes are also not held on the same day. One day it’s Standards 1st to 5th, and on the next day it’s Standards 6th to 8th. Masks are compulsory for both staff and students. Social distancing is also being ensured.

Q: What about the ICT infrastructure in the schools of your Block? Is it there or are there plans to set it up?

BEO: Availability of computers and internet is a far-fetched idea right now. Some schools that have recently been electrified do not have the money to pay electricity bills. We are paying the bills through the annual grants that are given to schools for development. If we want computers and internet in the schools, grants should be given to the schools specifically for this.

Q: How are the annual exams for students going to be organised?

BEO: We have not yet received specific directions for this. As per my experience, conducting exams online would not be possible.

This interview was conducted with a Block Education Officer (BEO) in Bihar in Hindi on 3 March 2021, and has been translated.

Credit: David Gee 5/Alamy/The Guardian

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