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'Challenging to Juggle COVID-19 Response and Regular Job'

Updated: Oct 12, 2022

Q: You mentioned difficulty in arranging ration. Has the situation improved now?

DPO: Yes, sufficient amount of ration is now available. The Public Distribution System (PDS) has enough to provide to all the beneficiaries. 

Each eligible household is being provided with 5 kg of rice and wheat, free of cost. The migrant labourers who have completed quarantine are also given the allocated amount once they return to their houses. 

Q: What are your tasks now? Are you facing any other challenges?

DPO: I have to ensure the availability of ration in all the blocks and also in the quarantine facilities, supervise the PDS, quarantine the people who are coming from outside and monitor them.  

The most challenging part is juggling between multiple roles simultaneously and being held accountable for all of them. 

Q: How has your work changed with the lifting up of the lockdown and easing of restrictions? Is your primary focus still on COVID-19 or are you back to routine work?

DPO: My primary focus is still on COVID-19. However, now I have to go to the office to carry out my other tasks also. 

The interview was conducted with a District Project Officer (Excise Department) in Bihar in Hindi on 24 May 2020, and has been translated.

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