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‘Creating Awareness about the Vaccination Drive’

Updated: Oct 18, 2022

Q: What are your main tasks during the COVID-19 pandemic?

Community Health Officer (CHO): I have to create awareness about COVID-19 and the vaccination drive. I monitor the tasks carried out by the Auxiliary Nurse Midwife (ANM). I was also involved in COVID-19 testing; however, that’s not my job. We had to do it to support the country in this time of crisis. When our Block Health Manager gives us a task, we have to do it.

Q: What kind of challenges are you facing on COVID-19 vaccinations?

CHO: There are different kinds of challenges in the village. It is very difficult to convince or explain things to people. People neither want to get tested for COVID-19 nor do they want to take the vaccine. We have been using banners and posters to spread awareness among people.

Q: Are you providing teleconsultation facilities to people?

CHO: Teleconsultation has not yet begun. Medicines are distributed using the e-Sanjeevani application. We treat people with whatever medicines are available and after that we refer them.

This interview was conducted with a Community Health Officer (CHO) in Nalanda, Bihar in Hindi on 31 May 2021, and has been translated.

Source: Southern Voice

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