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'Difficult to Procure Ration'

Updated: Oct 12, 2022

Q: What is the process of distributing foodgrains to households? How difficult is it to source these?

Primary Agricultural Credit Society Chairperson (PACS Adhyaksh): People come to me with their ration cards to collect ration. It has been difficult for me to procure ration because I don’t have a vehicle of my own, and finding a vehicle in pandemic circumstances has not been easy.

Q: How do you ensure physical distancing outside your shops?

PACS Adhyaksh: I have drawn circles on the ground at 6 feet distance, and asked people to queue while waiting for ration disbursal.

Q: Do you also operate as a regular departmental store along with being a registered Public Distribution System (PDS) shop?

PACS Adhyaksh: No, this is only a PDS shop. I don’t have that much time to do other things because I also have to take care of my farm.

Q: What instructions have you received and from whom?

PACS Adhyaksh: I deal with the Food Corporation of India and the Cooperative Department for this.

This interview was conducted with a PACS Adhyaksh in Bodhgaya (Ilra), Bihar in Hindi on 16 July 2020, and has been translated. The PACS facilitates loans to farmers and agriculture inputs as well as contribute to the Public Distribution System in the village.

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