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'Have Sufficient Resources Now'

Updated: Oct 12, 2022

Q: How has your role changed after the end of the lockdown?

Block Chief Medical and Health Officer (BCHMO): Our focus has shifted since the lockdown is over. The work is getting back to normal, however, COVID-19 has made its place in our routine work. We are still screening, keeping track of migrants and referring positive patients to Udaipur.

Q: What are the main precautions you are taking for your regular healthcare duties now? Have you been provided any training to do your tasks?

BCHMO: I have been taking all the necessary precautions like maintaining physical distance from people, regularly washing hands and using masks. We are also sanitising our office frequently.

I have received training in 8-10 meetings at the District level. Health workers are being trained in smaller groups via the Medical Officer In-Charge (MOIC) in the Block.

Q: Are you noticing any shortfalls in staff/resources (such as Personal Protective Equipment)?

BCHMO: We had to face a lot of problems in the initial days. We did not have PPE kits. At present, we have enough number of people and also sufficient resources.

Q: Are regular health activities like immunisation, health check-ups, etc. back to normal? Is the fear amongst people less now?

BCHMO: We have started all the regular health activities with necessary precautions. We are closely monitoring the situation in the block. All the health workers are instructed to use gloves, mask and sanitiser while dealing with people.

There is no doubt that the fear among people is less now. They are returning back to their jobs too.

This interview was conducted with a BCHMO in Sarada, Rajasthan in Hindi on 14 July 2020, and has been translated.

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