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‘No Insurance for COVID-related work’

Updated: Oct 12, 2022

Q: You mentioned how Sevikas do not have health insurance. Has this issue been raised to the government? What has been the response?

AWW: What can I do alone? The union raised this issue but we have not received any response as of now. Because of COVID-19, we have not received any additional insurance. 

Q: Are you facing any other challenges? What is the support you need to do your job better?

AWW: We are facing a lot of challenges currently. We have to go door-to-door to conduct surveys with the ASHA sisters.

I think a training programme should be conducted specifically on Coronavirus. 

Q: Are you getting any remuneration for the survey work that you are involved in currently? 

AWW: No, we are not getting paid anything extra for that. However, we had a conversation with the Lady Supervisor who told us that we will get Rs. 200 per day. This will be given by the Health Department. 

Q: Are other facilities like supplementary nutrition, immunisation being provided? 

AWW: Take Home Ration is being distributed to people. For children in the 3-6 years age group, ration is being given instead of cooked food once in a fortnight. 

The interview was conducted with an Anganwadi Worker & Block level Union Secretary in Bihar in Hindi on 12th and 16th May 2020, and has been translated.

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