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‘Not Aware Which Government is Providing What’

Updated: Oct 12, 2022

Q. Are you still getting free ration or do you have to pay for it? How much ration are you getting every month?

Beneficiary: I am getting ration twice a month. Once we get it for free, while the next time we have to pay for it.

We pay Rs. 1 per kg for wheat, rice, and salt. Currently, each individual is getting 1 kg of rice, 4 kgs of wheat and 1 kg of pulses.

Q. Are you facing any kind of trouble in getting the ration?

Beneficiary: Sometimes we are not able to get the ration because the machine does not identify/register our finger properly, or the server goes down. If something like this happens, one whole day gets wasted in the line, to get ration.

Q. Are you getting free ration every month from both the Union and state governments?

Beneficiary: I am not aware which government (Union or state) is providing us what and when. However, we are getting ration twice a month.

This interview was conducted with a beneficiary in Sagar, Madhya Pradesh in Hindi on 26 October 2020 and has been translated.

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