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‘Process of Making New Ration Cards was Expedited’

Updated: Oct 12, 2022

Q: As per government guidelines, card holders were supposed to be provided with free ration. Is that happening?

PACS Adhyaksh: Yes, as per the government orders, wheat, rice and gram were distributed for free among all the card holders during the lockdown.

In our village, the process of making new ration cards was also expedited, as the government had instructed to issue new ration cards within 15 days.

Q: Is the ration being allocated regularly?

PACS Adhyaksh: Yes, we are getting enough ration every month, and we are also distributing it regularly.

Q: What steps should the government take to improve the Public Distribution System?

PACS Adhyaksh: In Bihar, foodgrain distribution is being done through PACS Adhyakshs like us, and hence we are not able to buy or sell paddy and wheat. The government should open separate PDS shops for distribution of ration.

This interview was conducted with a PACS Adhyaksh in Gaya, Bihar in Hindi on 28 October 2020, and has been translated.

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