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'Provided MGNREGS Work for 12 Days'

Updated: Oct 12, 2022

Q: When did you return to the village and how did you come?

Beneficiary: Delhi government arranged transportation for us. We travelled till Sagar [city] via train. From Sagar station, a bus dropped us to the main road of our village.

I came back home at the end of May.

Q: Were you screened at the railway station or by the Gram Panchayat representative? Were you put in an institutional quarantine or asked to self isolate at home?

Beneficiary: I was screened both at Delhi and Sagar railway stations. When we reached our village, we were tested again and were asked to stay in the village school for 14 days. After coming home also, my whole family stayed at home for the initial 10 days.

Q: Are you a PDS beneficiary and were you able to get the free ration during the lockdown period?

Beneficiary: My family has not been living in the village for many years now so I am not a PDS beneficiary. However, the Panchayat helped me get free ration during the lockdown.

Q: Have you been registered for the MGNREGS? Have you begun work?

Beneficiary: I am registered under MGNREGS but I was only provided work for 12 days. We have not received any remuneration for that work yet. I have informed the Panchayat about this.

Q: What is your means for earning a livelihood now that you are back in your village?

Beneficiary: After coming to the village, I have been earning my livelihood with a lot of difficulty. I work as a labourer or do farming in someone else’s field.

This interview was conducted with a Beneficiary (Migrant Worker) in Sagar, Madhya Pradesh in Hindi on 21 July 2020, and has been translated.

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