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'Purchasing Masks, Gloves, Sanitisers on Our Own'

Updated: Oct 12, 2022

Q: What is the attitude of the community towards frontline Corona Warriors?

Gram Panchayat Sachiv: As you know, this disease has infected a lot of people. Whenever we visit households as a member of the Panchayat, people have a lot of expectations from us. Sometimes they also express their anger.

Q: Have you now received Personal Protective Equipment (like masks, gloves, sanitisers)? What about trainings?

GP Sachiv: We received PPE, but the quantity was very less, so now we have to purchase these on our expense.

The villagers are receiving masks and ration from the government as well as other organisations.

We are following guidelines issued by the government, but a training hasn't been done.

Q: Is ration through the Public Distribution System being given to people without ration cards?

GP Sachiv: Ration is being provided to everybody, including people who don’t have a ration card. I prepared a list of such people, and submitted it to the district office for this.

Q: Have beneficiaries received monetary entitlements, like pension, in your Gram Panchayat?

GP Sachiv: Yes, beneficiaries have received the amount in their accounts (via Direct Benefit Transfers) for two months.

This interview was conducted with a Gram Panchayat Sachiv/Panchayat Secretary in Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh in Hindi on 16 May 2020, and has been translated.

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