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‘There is No Need to Be Scared of COVID-19 Now because We Have a Vaccine’

Updated: Oct 12, 2022

Q: Have you been vaccinated against COVID-19?

ASHA: Yes, we were called to the Primary Health Centre (PHC) and the vaccine was administered by the Auxiliary Nurse Midwife (ANM). I got the first dose in February, and will get the next dose in March.

I have not been told when the second dose will be administered.

Q: What information were you given prior to the vaccination? Did you have apprehensions?

ASHA: Before the vaccination, I was told by the doctor that this vaccine is to prevent COVID-19. I was also asked to stay in the PHC for 4-5 hours after the vaccination so that the doctor can monitor me.

I was a little scared about whether I will face physical difficulties after the vaccination. However, nothing of the sort happened to me.

Q: What cautionary measures were taken during the vaccination process?

ASHA: Cleanliness was maintained in the PHC and the doctors and Auxiliary Nurse Midwives were wearing gloves. The bed that we used to lie down after the vaccination was also clean.

Q: Were you told about whom you could go to in case you experienced any side effects?

ASHA: We were asked to go back to the PHC and meet the doctor.

Q: Have you informed your local community regarding COVID-19 vaccinations? Are they asking questions?

ASHA: I have told the people in my community that there is no need to be scared of COVID-19 now because we have a vaccine. However, till the time you don’t get vaccinated, protect yourself.

People ask me when they will be vaccinated. I have informed them that the vaccine will be administered first to the health workers and government servants, and to the general public after that.

This interview was conducted with an ASHA worker in Nalanda, Bihar in Hindi on 3 March 2021, and has been translated.

Source: U.S. Secretary of Defense

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