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NEW: 'We Talk to Women When They Come to Collect Pads'

Updated: May 12

Q. What are the various menstrual health services delivered in your village and district? Are these services being rendered by the local, state, or Union governments? What is your role in the process?

Anganwadi Worker (AWW): At present, sanitary pads are distributed free-of-cost to women. We receive the inventory for three months at a go and have received it thrice till now. We distribute one pack for a month to every eligible citizen after entering their Aadhaar information and inform them how to use the pads.

Q. Do you think community members are interested in discussing menstrual hygiene? Are women and especially adolescent girls interested in understanding menstrual hygiene from you?

AWW: We talk to women when they come to collect pads. Some women have informed us that they should get more pads. These conversations don’t take place everywhere, but they happen at Anganwadi Centres and with ANMs.

Q. Have you received any training on menstrual health?

AWW: No, but ASHAs and ANMs receive training on this. Yet we know that these days are difficult for women and girls and they should also take care of their health.

Q. Are you eligible for menstrual health services by the government too?

AWW: Yes.

This interview was conducted with an Anganwadi Worker in Rajasthan in Hindi on 8 May 2023, and has been translated.

Photo Credit: AFP

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